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Terms and Conditions
of Sales

Price Validity

Our price remains valid for a period of 7 days after which we reserve the right to revise our proposal in the light of current labour and manufacturing costs or foreign currency fluctuations applicable at that date.


Installation work shall be carried out during normal working hours unless otherwise specified. Where the customer specifically requests installation work to be undertaken outside such hours, additional charges may be made based on overtime rate.

Commencement and Completion

Any delivery, installation or completion date or period shown, is a bona fide estimate only. Where a date or period is expressed to be fixed, such a date or period may nevertheless be extended if ZenByte Pty Ltd is prevented by any cause whatsoever beyond its control from completing the delivery of installation of the equipment by the said date within the said period.

Variation, Suspension or Cancellation

In the event that this quotation is accepted, then the agreement entered into may be varied, suspended or cancelled only by notice in writing and only if ZenByte Pty Ltd accepts such notice. In the event of any such variation, suspension or cancellation being so accepted, the customer shall compensate ZenByte Pty Ltd for any costs or loss incurred.


The title to the equipment of any part thereof shall not pass to the customer or where applicable, to the lessor company, until payment is made in full of the purchase price and any interest accrued to the date of settlement. Should the equipment be lost or damaged after the date of commissioning and prior to payment of the whole of the purchase price, the customer shall indemnify ZenByte Pty Ltd against any loss or damage that it may suffer as a consequence.


Upon signing this agreement, a deposit of an amount authorised by ZenByte Pty Ltd will be required before work will commence. Where finance has been arranged by the customer through an approved agent, the deposit will be refunded to the customer when payment is received for the full amount of the sale. The balance of the sale is payable on completion unless a variation to payment terms is indicated on the acceptance received by ZenByte Pty Ltd. Variations to payment must be authorised by ZenByte Pty Ltd.

Tax and Duties

The purchase price has been calculated having regard to applicable commonwealth and State taxes, duties, levies and impositions in force at the date of this quotation. Any variation in those taxes, duties, levies and impositions shall be passed onto the customer. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are exclusive of GST.

Delay and/or Default in Payment

In the event of default in payment by the customer within the prescribed times, ZenByte Pty Ltd shall be entitled to charge interest on the overdue amount. ZenByte Pty Ltd may also defer delivery or commissioning of the equipment or any part thereof and/or cancel any outstanding balance of the order. The customer agrees that ZenByte Pty Ltd may enter upon the customer’s premises at any reasonable time to take possession of and remove any item of the equipment for which payment has not been received.


Unless otherwise specified, we make no allowances in our pricing for:

> Electrical work, cabling, fly leads or data outlets

> Hubs, switches or routers

> Swapping of hardware between computers

> Installation or configuration of software not specified in this quotation

> Testing, troubleshooting, replacement of existing faulty equipment or supply and installation of any work outside the specifications within this document, or as a result of incorrect or misleading information supplied to us about the customer’s existing infrastructure. Additional work will be charged at the determined rate for materials and labour.

Software Faults

Under normal circumstances, software installed or changes to a system’s configuration should not interfere with the operation of other applications, device drivers or settings. Should a problem occur, one of our engineers will attempt to rectify the problem at the determined rate for materials and labour.


All computer systems include a 12 month onsite warranty from the date of delivery unless otherwise specified. Should any hardware in the computer system become defective during the warranty period through faulty design, workmanship or whilst operating under normal conditions it will be repaired or replaced with the equivalent or closest available part. It does not cover computer software or operating system malfunctions, external peripherals such as monitors, printers, or keyboards, data restoration as a consequence of a defect, or any problems as a result of user error, mistreatment, viruses, etc. All external peripherals and other hardware, consumables and software are covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranty policy. Non-warranty issues will be charged at the determined rate for materials and labour. 


Unless the equipment is covered pursuant to a Service Agreement, the equipment is to be maintained by the customer solely at the customer’s expense, after the warranty period has expired.


The liability of ZenByte Pty Ltd under the agreement, or pursuant to any warranties or conditions which are implied by the provisions of the Trade Practices Act shall be limited to the repair or replacement of any faulty or defective equipment as may be required and without limiting the generality of the foregoing. ZenByte Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any indirect consequential losses or damage which the customer may sustain however arising.