The Ubiquiti VoIP system allow the flexibility of having a touchscreen Android tablet, transforming your desk phone into a personal calendar, email client, or enabling it to further communicate with the use of Google Hangouts or others apps available on the Google play store.

The Ubiquiti system links into an existing asterisk system, allowing you to both make internal communications and leverage your existing infrastructure.

Ubiquiti Controller

The Ubiquiti controller is the link between the Ubiquiti VoIP phones and the asterisk system. Used to monitor the system, this unit can also act as a secure firewall appliance to protect your internal network from threats while allowing remote VPN access to your site.

Some important points to note are:

  • Small form factor and low thermal output
  • Cost effective for price and features
  • Ubiquiti 5" handset

    The Ubiquiti 5" handset is the baseline entry for the Ubiquiti VoIP system. This system incorporates a 5” touch screen running Android KitKat, transforming your desk phone into a multi-protocol communication device through the use of Google Hangouts. Through the use of other android available apps like calendar and email, you can turn your desk phone into a personal organiser. This model also comes in a professional version, including both camera for video calls as well as bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

    Ubiquiti Enterprise handset

    The Ubiquiti enterprise handset is the most advance model, offering a 7” touchscreen connectivity as well as camera, bluetooth, wireless and stereo speakers. This model allows you to make the most out of any requirement you have through 7" screen as well as wide range of functionality.

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    This is just a brief overview of some of the functionality that the Ubiquiti VoIP system can offer. If you would like to know more information specific to your business or would like to organise a FREE demonstration, please contact our friendly sales team using the contact information below.

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